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Stephen Fry's gPhone versus iPhone

The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry
Without most or all of these requests being implemented Apple will find itself in danger of falling behind. But hell, they know that better than me, and I’m sure they will surprise us with capabilities I haven’t begun to think of. I believe that not only can they now afford to open up but also that they cannot afford not to. Google’s Android is the reason they have to redouble their efforts as we shall see later on.

I disagree with Stephen Fry's comment on Apple's need to open up. I think they cannot afford to open up because their code is what currently makes the iPhone sleeker than the gPhone or other phones. This may not be true at some point, if enough people pick up on the Open Handset Alliance, but right now, Apple simply has better code on a hardware that is not special in any way. This latest statement is also true in some aspects for Apple's laptops and desktop computers. They shifted to Intel processors a few years ago, so now any comparison at the hardware level is trivial, leaving only the smoother corners and slicker mice and keyboards as an excuse. For casual users of personal computers, I agree that Apple has a smoother user experience in today's computers, solely on the basis of their proprietary code. Their hardware is overpriced, to the extend that a 250GBP netbook with a hacked version of OSX Leopard seems pretty functional to me!

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