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Thinking about buying a small dishwasher: Proline PDW041 ~ 150GBP


BOCTATOE - But of course there are obvious exceptions

If you haven't read dilberblog yet, there are some really funny posts there:


NVIDIA and Linux


rync with checksum

-c checksum

rsync -avc --progress --stats /path/to/destination/file


Hmmm, ok.

When you combine people and technology, you have a very powerful combination.

Tommy Hilfiger reading statements from a TelePrompter at a Microsoft Demo.

Linux on the PS3

One thing seems certain: Linux usage is about to explode, thanks to the Sony PlayStation 3--analysts expect Sony to sell 200 million of them, which means 200 million Linux computers in the hands of mostly young people (between 5 and 18 years old). This is phenomenal, and is perhaps the best possible way to push Linux into the mainstream.


Mastering wget

GNU/Screen tutorials


More complete:


Beagle runs smoothly at last least for the moment

I have been using the 0.2.3-0ubuntu2 version,

that should have the memory hog problem fixed, and it seems so!


Collecting info about the nVidia drivers for linux


actually, dont do -Gaudio bit at all

it will bork your sudo configuration


and some more sound tweaking

sudo usermod -Gaudio avilella

Fixing some more issues with sound

If you get a "/dev/dsp" busy:

sudo chmod 666 /dev/dsp

will help.


Howto make a Crossover ethernet cable

Some expertise and cutlery needed...


Partitioning with Ubuntu Install CD

# Choose the "Manually edit partition table" option.

# Choose the NTFS partition you want to resize.

# Choose the "Size:" line.

# Choose if you are asked about "Write changes to disk and resize the partition?".

# Enter the new size.

# Please wait patiently until the resize process frees the needed space for Ubuntu installation.


Man, these people...

Hybrid Hoax

This means, perversely, that some small hybrids--like Honda Motor's (nyse: HMC - news - people ) Insight with a manual transmission, which gets 60 miles per gallon (city)--probably won't qualify at all. But a big hybrid SUV, like the Mariner from Ford Motor's (nyse: F - news - people ) Mercury division, which gets just 33 miles per gallon (city), could get a big credit (estimated at $1,950) based on its MPG edge over its gas-guzzling brethren.

Sweet Sugar Beet

UK's first bioethanol pump opens

The £20m plant at Wissington, Downham Market in Norfolk, aims to produce 70m litres of biofuel per year from sugar beet grown by farmers in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.


wag on terror

Dilbert Blog makes another great simple point about an issue that is being given to us as very complicated and potentially misleading: oil and terror.

and one of the reader has a good point here:

But does any of that affect terrorism. Only in a roundabout way. If we don?t depend on their supplies of oil, we would be less reluctant to tell them what to do with their fanatical ideas. But they?d still have them.

But the whole point can be taken under a lot of more serious terms :-p


Remember 11 March

What happened in Madrid...

what happened in London...

what happened in New York...

... should make us realize that live is too simple to make it complicated.


Ethanol fuels in Brazil and Japan

When oil prices rise above $50 dollars a barrel, ethanol starts to compete with oil, regardless of the impact on carbon emissions.

bqueues tip - number of RUN processes

bqueues | awk '{ sum += $10; print sum; }' | tail -n 1


River IQ Game

Reveal - Firefox extension

for Firefox 1.5 - 1.5.0.*


Google planning "total storage"

Cover source code problems

In a recent message to the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML), Ben Chelf, CTO of Coverity, Inc. announced an internal framework to continually scan open source projects for source defects and provide the results of their analysis back to the developers of those projects. The linux kernel is one of 32 open source projects monitored by Coverity. Coverity is looking for a few group-nominated maintainers to access the reports, in order to patch the bugs found before they are announced to the general public. For those not familiar with Coverity, they are a small company out of Stanford who monitor source code correctness through automatic static source code analysis."


Coldest winter in England since 1996/1997

Anglia Weather forecast

Very cold in the last five or six days

Winter's final fling?

Windy: cold blast of arctic weather

Tomorrow Monday it's going to be the last very cold day. Hopefully of the whole Winter... welcome Spring time!!

Some rain on Tuesday.


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