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A professional dominatrix who is an anarchist when not working





Market Efficiency

Two economists walk down Wall Street, they see a $20 bill, one starts to pick it up and the other says ?don?t bother, if it was real someone would have picked it up already?. The market is only efficient if someone thinks it isn?t, and they pick up the bill.



St James' Park -- other side

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St James' Park

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My goals in one year time

-- Be happier


How to know the time in other places in the world

date -d '09:30 PST'

Mon Nov 13 17:30:00 GMT 2006


Tots som xarnegos -- We are all xarnegos

Xarnego, pejorative Catalan term for immigrants from poorer regions of Spain and their descendants.


It seems like ERC ( has decided to join into government again with PSC ( and Iniciativa (

There are several things that I like about this new Tripartit (three-parties). But one above all: a (pejoratively called) xarnego will be the next president of the Generalitat: Jose Montilla ( Someone not born in Catalunya, but in Cordoba, will become the president of seven million people's regional government. Some people, luckily a minority, will wake up tomorrow in a reality, new for them, that the rest of the catalans have been living for decades: the reality that Catalunya is a country that has always welcomed new-comers, and reshaped itself with every new Catalan who comes to live in it.

Jose Montilla moved, at the age of sixteen, from his native Andalucia to Catalonia and settled in Sant Joan Despi, near Barcelona.

His higher education began with vocational training, but later he studied Law for one year and Economics for two years at the University of Barcelona.

I hate prejudices. I hate classism. I hate cronyism. I hate xenophobia.

I am glad with the outcome of these elections. I am glad Iniciativa will have a chance to work again for the benefit of needed people. Among whom, maybe, the next of Catalunya will wake up tomorrow morning and be given the same opportunities as a child, as the one of the latest President of Catalunya.


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