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The new Google Reader kicks a****



Which is quite a good thing to do on Summer, by the way...

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Because you end up going to the beach and eating paella

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To Broadcom PR's


I would like to ask you if Broadcom has ever considered, is considering or will consider in the future the possibility of joining the OSDL (

Given that Broadcom is already releasing GPL Linux Drivers for some of its products, I would like to know how close or far away are you from becoming an OSDL member.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks in advance,





notting hill carnival 2006

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Installing Google Notebook on Bon Echo Firefox

You have to go to this link:

You may need to allow the "" popups.


Google Maps vs. Yahoo! maps



Google recently released Tesseract as open source. Originally developed at the HP Labs from 1985-1995, it has been touted as one of the most accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs available. Having sat on the shelf gathering dust for so many years, Google cleaned up some of the more outdated portions of the code and released it for general consumption. You can download Tesseract over at Sourceforge.


Google Image Labeler

Like playing tetris... Google style!!!


How to install Google Browser Sync on Firefox Bon Echo

If you follow the menus in the Google page, it will complain about Firefox 2.0beta Bon Echo not being 1.5.

Instead, use the direct link:


Watching the Gapminder video again

If you go to:

and search for the talk people from gave at Google's headquarters, you will find the video.

This video is mindblowing. The speaker, a Swedish guy, is giving insights into what is and what are they interested in doing.

Every once in a while he gives a sarcastic comment about politics and the effect of those politics on something as objective as the numbers of child death for a given country.

One of the brilliant things about the seminar is to see how China will be doing in the next decades. It seems like the numbers give a very bright future for Chinese. Hopefully, the other big nations, and their politicians and lobbyists, won't meddle with China.

There is also the story about Japan. It is very funny how this guy explains the way Japan found to become a prosper country after WWII, compared to the prosperity in Sweden. The Volvo versus Toyota analogy is brilliant and refreshing.

Anyway, if you are reading this and haven't seen the video yet... you should. And save a copy of it in your computer, because you will want to watch it again...


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