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Will power






Listening Cadena Ser live under Linux




Cambridge has been named as one of 11 towns and cities to be awarded cycle demonstration town status.



Highly recommended Dilbert blog post



Highly recommended Dilbert blog post




Myths in science: spinach is not rich in iron

Due to a misplaced decimal point, it was thought that spinach are rich in iron, and Popeye was born. Well, it's not true, but the myth still lives on.



X.Org and everything visual

Now that we have a Linux kernel that is pretty much the most advanced kernel in the world, the OSS community needs to make X Window System the best in the world as well.

I think Phoronix has understood this, and they are paying a lot of attention to the developments of X.Org. I enjoy reading the X.Org posts on Phoronix, as I enjoy reading in LWN and the like about kernel developments since the last 5 years or so. A lot of really exciting things were happening in the Linux kernel then that are now taking place in the graphical side of OSS. Luckily, a lot of developers are turning their attention to X.Org-related development. I am sure we will see the same kind of success in X.Org development in the near future as we saw in kernel development in recent years.

I would like to see some more posts in Phoronix about X.Org and the current state of the technology compared to Apple's and Microsoft's graphic libraries. What is X.Org doing better than Apple? What does OSX have that we don't enjoy in X.Org yet? How is Microsoft doing with Aero and future releases?

I am not talking exclusively about the flashiness of Beryl/Compiz/etc but also on general OpenGL-enabled Window Systems, DRM... Apple is using PR to get people excited about OpenCL, "Grand Central" and other stuff, and the OSS community should also do that.



Google Gadgets for Linux

sudo make install
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib
/usr/local/bin/ggl-gtk -s -bg

but I cannot load them...


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