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The miracle

3-0 in 45 minutes. AC Milan in front of you...



Albert J. Vilella, Angel Blanco-Garcia, Stephan Hutter, and Julio Rozas

VariScan: Analysis of evolutionary patterns from large-scale DNA sequence polymorphism data

Bioinformatics Advance Access published on April 6, 2005

Bioinformatics 2005 21: 2791-2793; doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bti403


DIR=/lib/modules/`uname -r`

for i in `find $DIR/kernel -type f -name "*.ko"`


MOD=`basename $i | sed s/\.ko//`

echo Loading $MOD


/sbin/modprobe $MOD

dmesg -s 128000 > dmesg.old


#sleep 1

echo -n Removing.. " "

for r in `/sbin/lsmod | grep \ 0 | awk '{print $1}' | grep -v via_rhine`


echo -n $r " "

/sbin/rmmod $r

dmesg -s 128000 > dmesg.old







xlc/xlC mess

what part did you miss?

Chief:"What part did you miss?"

Maxwell Smart: "Everything after, 'Now listen carefully...'"

-- "Get Smart" (1965-1970)


That is a record so far

Without any power outage or any other related problem, I believe this is the uptime record for my Linux machines:

14:56:23 up 51 days, 4:56, 2 users, load average: 0.20, 0.19, 0.12

Linux everywhere

I have recently experienced how Linux and Open Source is ubiquitously present in such incredible places. Yesterday we went to visit BSC's Mare Nostrum, a supercomputer set up by UPC, Generalitat de Catalunya, and the Spanish government jointly with IBM. It runs on Linux, as most of the servers one can nowadays buy from IBM.

It is formed of some ~4000 blades, each one being a more or less complete computer in which Linux is "netsufflated" and makesone piece of a big parallelization machine, connected by 2GBps bandwitdh with the other blades.

It is a pretty amazing place: the computer is inside a chapel, which was desacralized beforehand. The chorus of the chapel will be used to held presentations to visitors.

Also, I recently read about the the MIT project to bring the digital world to the children in developing countries. They use Linux and Open Source software as this is a project were the per-computer budget is crucial. The aim is to start shipping $100 rugged-laptops next year. I find this initiatives of great value for bringing opportunities to millions of childs in many countries.

Finally, and even more extreme, these visionary guys in University of Essex who built a mini-helicopter with a web server running on a mini computer under Linux. Phewww!


bash tip of the day - battery time

while ["true"] ; do

uptime | tee -a ~/file.log


sleep 20



Political opinions that I may regret to have exposed: Britain's Labour party

I think that Labour Party is by far the best political option for Great Britain today. I'm glad they won 2005 elections, and I'm also glad that they didn't win by an appalling difference, but yet retaining absolute majority.

Compared to the strict closed party-based system in Spain, even when winning the elections by absolute majority, Labour party in Britain will have to negotiate each and every law, each and every step in the next four years not only with the people, but with each and every member of the party. Which is good. Very different from the situation in Spain during the 2000-2004 PP's period.


to surmise

To infer (something) without sufficiently conclusive evidence.

funny link of the day

Britney Spears guide to Semiconductor Physics


latex emph emacs tip

(defun em ()


(insert "\\emph{}") ; insert a piece of text

(backward-char 1) ; move the cursor back three characters



expressions I should be using more often

precise answers will be elusive

expressions I should be using more often

One would like to address this issue as rigorously as possible


...put it as an option

blastall -p blastn -d DB -F f -q -1 -r 1 -G 2 -E 1 -W 7 -I T -e 10000000 -i Input -o Output

megablast -d DB -F f -q -1 -r 1 -G 2 -E 1 -W 28 -I T -m 0 -D 2 -n T -R T -i Input -o Output


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