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more urban dictionary

1. B.O.H.I.C.A
176 up, 29 down

Bend Over Here It Comes Again

See also: Fubar, Snafu, Tarfu

The situation was fubar (f*ucked up beyond all reason/recognition/repair). When the boss arived it was clearly gonna be a bohica moment.



UK Apples



more on locavorisms

The Kent county, just checked it at Google Maps, is within the 100mile radius of Cambridge, which is good news, as it is also known as "The Garden of England":

I checked it because I bought plums, blackberries and strawberries today. I also bought UK carrots and green peppers, although I can't remember where in the UK these where from.

There you are, another entry on locavorisms.



pretty packed, huh?





adding new feeds to reader google?

It's broken for me... tried this, nothing:

1) Enter "about:config" into the address bar of the browser.

2) Search for "browser.contentHandlers.types.2.uri"

3) Change the value from "" to

4) Restart Firefox



Locavore or 100 mile diet

Interesting concept, although I am more interested in the global carbon footprint of each element of my diet than the "food miles" of my diet. For example, it can be locally produced, but produced with a relatively high carbon footprint, whereas living in England, maybe I shouldn't be ditching French artichokes if these can be shipped with low-carbon footprint.

All this is because I found myself again googling for ways to have a rough carbon footprint estimate for different types of produce. For example: How does fish compare to meat? Given I try to eat less and less meat, should I preferably eat veal rather than, say, chicken or viceversa? Lamb?

The answer is poultry, e.g. battery chicken is very carbon efficient. Then lamb. Veal is the most carbon intensive food of all.

So this is what I found after a bit of googling:,,2096994,00.html



Chomsky -- Biofuels


Monty Python



terry tibbs -- maserati 3200 -- talk to me




'Virgin birth'

Researchers said that the distinct "genetic fingerprint" of the stem cells means they may be the first in the world to be extracted from embryos produced by the so-called "virgin birth" method, or parthenogenesis.

This happens when eggs are stimulated into becoming embryos without ever being fertilised by sperm, and has been achieved in animals.

However, before Hwang, no one had managed to produce a human embryo using parthenogenesis which lived long enough to allow the extraction of viable stem cells.

Dr George Daley, who led the analysis, said: "Unfortunately at the time they published their work they did not know what they had done so they had mistakenly isolated these parthenogenic embryonic stem cells, and yet misrepresented them as true clones.

"In fact they had produced the world's first patient-specific embryonic stem cell, and that is very valuable.

"Scientists interested in modelling complex diseases would like to be able to move a patient's own cells into a petri dish in their embryonic form."

'More useful'

Professor Azim Surani, from the University of Cambridge, has carried out years of experiments to produce parthenogenetic stem cells from mice.

He said Hwang had probably inadvertently stimulated the human eggs to begin dividing while trying to produce cloned embryos.

Professor Surani said Hwang's unwitting step forward might actually prove more useful than efforts to clone human embryos, which he had claimed fraudulently.

"I've always promoted the idea that efforts should be made to produce embryos from human eggs - it is far less ethically challenging, and the efficiency of these cell lines is likely to be higher than those produced from cloned embryos," he said.

However, scientists do not know how significant the lack of contribution from the father's DNA will be.


gzip bzip2 tip

bzcat file.bz2 | less
gunzip -c file.gz | less



apt-get tip

apt-cache search 'something regex' --full


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