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Tomtom, where am I?

I have to confess I have a big problem with my sense of orientation. I don't have it. I guess in a couple hundred years someone will take a look at a newborn's genome and say: "oh, look, this lad won't have a sense of orientation. His sense-of-orientation genes are totally borked!". Well, this is me.

I mean, Cambridge (UK) is a relatively small city. It has a city centre and a more or less concentric structure. Well, after having spent almost a year here, I still find it really difficult to find my way in it.

To the point that before I go to a barbecue, or to a shop somebody recommended me, I go to and I draw the map to a paper so that I don't get lost.

The most annoying thing is when you have to give indications to someone else when I am being driven home:

Driver: "So, where do you leave?"

Me: "I leave at *bzzzzz* street. It is near *bzzzz* street."

Driver: "Ermmm, ok. Do I take *bzzzz* or *bzzzz* to get there?"

Me: "Ehemm, I don't know. If you reach *bzzzz* street and drive slowly from there on, I may manage to indicate you how to reach my place. By the way, are you in a hurry?"


So, today I found out about this great thing: tomtom

It is a company that produces navitation systems:

The TomTom Navigator is like God's given solution for people like me that have absolute-zero sense of orientation.

I am thinking on buying a smartphone and TomTom Mobile so that I can live the rest of my life easily without this little nuisance, me being "Lost" all the time, bothering me.

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