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(not) born in the USA

The recurrent topic of chatting in lunch time "why wont you even

consider to go to the USA?" is back.

M., D. and C. all think that I'm too stubborn to consider that the USA

is not a good place to live right now. It is good to say that this is

all very hypothetical talking, as I:

(a) Don't pretend to go to the USA in the near future.

(b) Anybody pretends for me to go to the USA in the near future.

But after much thinking about this topic, maybe I am having a biased

view of the USA after all. Or maybe not. It is true that I like to

watch "The Daily Show" and the recent "The Colbert Report", and that

the programs are all about criticising the Falcons and such and so on.

But hey, that's exactly what is _happening_ in the USA right now. It

is not like there would be a "The Ericsson Report" in Sweden, where

they would be criticising the government for all the bad things they

would be doing. And I don't mean doubling the taxation for butter or

things like that (I'm sure in Sweden that could be a problem), I mean

the things that have been happening in the USA during the last ~5


So I could say that yes, without having been there, I prefer Sweden to

the USA. And I would prefer Germany to the USA. And I would prefer

Japan to the USA. And I would prefer New Zealand to the USA. And I

would even prefer South Corea to the USA. I wouldn't prefer

Afghanistan to the USA, or Pakistan to the USA. Any country that takes

the United Nations seriously could be a good place to live. Any

country that takes the Kyoto protocol seriously would be a very nice

place to live.

And I'm not saying that every inch, every city or every state in the

USA is the same. I'm sure that the daily live in a mid-sized city in

Texas can be a lot different to the live in Boston or San Francisco,

but you get the idea.

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