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systemtap looks promising

Systemtap looks promising... If it is already available for FC4, I wonder why it was less known than dtrace on the latest Boston Summit 2005...
Mikael Hallendal (Hallski): Back from the Summit: "Arrived back from the Boston Summit 2005 earlier this morning. The flight back went well and it feels good to start the process of getting all the cheese out of my system. Was a lot of fun to meet up with everyone again and the summit was great even though I didn't get much hacking done. I mean, it's not everyday you hear Alex comment that: 'Daniel you look like David Hasselhof' and get an 'I second that' from Jonathan. There was a strong focus on performance which is great, we really need work done in this area. D-Trace looked really useful but at the moment is Solaris only and what I heard was intentionally made GPL-incompatible. Mark showed me SystemTap which seems to aim to provide us with better tools too. There was a scheduled BOF for discussing IM for GNOME but it was sadly canceled. Would have been good to get something happening in that area. Comment on this entry"

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Were all of the BSD's (openbsd, freebsd, netbsd), Mozilla, all made GPL incompatible? Or did they just choose to use another License that thyey found more suitable?

If you want a real look at systemtap and dtrace check out my blog it has many links to the work with I have done with both.

I personally think that the distro's that are shipping systemtap are slitting their own throats, i can provide you with numerous supposedly safe systemtap scripts that will bring any box they are run on crashing to a halt. Just what you want in your production environment? yes I have made the requisite bug reports and they are being dealt with but each week I find more bugs.
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