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On taxing alcohol, cigarettes and fuels

The Spanish government proposed an increase in taxation of alcohol products, cigarettes and tobacco-related products, and fuels to account for the expenses of the public medical welfare.

Anyone who has visited Spain knows that alcohol and tobacco are very cheap in terms of the taxation they receive, compared to other countries like UK. Some people are travelling from UK to Spain with low-fare airlines, buying cigarettes and alcohol for family and friends, and almost paying up for the trip with the difference in price.

The taxation of alcohol and cigarrettes will make more people hesitant to abuse the consumption of these products. In my opinion, this is a good thing.

Every now and then there are rumors of more taxation of petrols. This has always an immediate effect on transport professionals who claim that they can't cope with the already high prices, and need a less-taxed professional petrol.

But the reality is that with the high oil prices, a lot of cash is already leaving Spain. Europe is losing money everytime a drop of gas is badly spent. Every effort made in using petrols more efficiently is well worth. And taxation is one way of doing it. Maybe not the fairest way, but effective.

So I believe that Spain has to taxate alcohol and cigarettes a lot more than it is right now, and then, also taxate petrols.

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