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If I'm your last chance, I would leave you alone (or "oh no, more political regrettable blogging...")

The last two days I have been thinking a lot about how politics is part of our daily life, of each of us individually and as a society, and how a lot of people simply don't realize about it: I have been following the British government reaction to the London Bombs and compared it to the Spanish government reaction to the Madrid Bombs last year. There is an obvious parallelism between both tragedies.

Today there was an analysis in "el Periodico" newspaper about the government reaction in one case and the other. And I had again this enormous sad feeling about how bad were we treated as a society by politicians like Aznar and Acebes. It was simply wrong. There is evilness in hiding information for political benefit, in lying and encouraging others to lie. In comparison, Blair and Clarke did managed the situation respectfully, although I'm sure that a thorough consideration of each and every gesture would let some biased or even unbiased criticism.

I have never imagined myself taking part in any active political role at any formal level, and I expect to remain in this way in the future. That will mean that there will be decent and competent politicians to represent my ideas and values much better that I would do personally.

If I'm the last chance to my own political representation, this will mean nothing else than _trouble_...

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