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I went to visit the new Cosmocaixa this afternoon. To sum it up, new building, mostly the same sets.

But, what I really enjoyed, and wasn't expecting a lot, is the new selvatic (Amazonian?) forest reproduction (see photo): with water falling from the ceiling, simulating rain, they have a nice place that you can look through almost everywhere.

Plus, they have this great warning message by the pool that says: "don't put your hand inside the water, some of the fishes are carnivorous and will look at you hand as if it were a delicious family of five worms...". This being in a country unlike Sweden or Holland, they have a guard remembering people not to do exactly the other way around what it is explained in the message... beware that some of the fishes where almost a meter long, and that there is an (sleepy) anaconda of about 3m long.

They also have a section for kids, called "toca toca" (touch touch!). This is great for children wanting to interact (translate: try to break) with the scientific sets.

Yet, in the normal (adults+kids) museum, you have to be alert of the "kamikaze look-ma kids": while you are absorted with a set, staring at it and pushing the buttons, this kami will run right into you, push you out, cut your hand, or stab an elbow at your belly, while shouting: "look ma!!! run over here!!!". Again, if this where the British Museum in London, and a kid would behave like that, they would be dealing with it the next morning in the upper chamber House of Lords...

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