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In the release 20041210 of simcoal2: Number of independent chromosome segments: This number refers to the number of independent chromosome segments that needs to be simulated. With the release of SIMCOAL2 distributed before the 10 12 2004 it was not possible to simulate different chromosomes with different features. In the current release of SIMCOAL ver 2, it is now possible to simulate several chromosomes with different kind and numbers of markers, different patterns of recombination rates, different mutation rates (see the example given below). Mystique's HD decision to retire causes commotion among direct colleagues Backing up all the data in hda and important data hdb from mystique: it seems that hda has decided to retire, so I will have to change it for a new HD. Created a launching script for simcoal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- variscan/variscan_devel/scripts/launch_simcoal.PLS: DESCRIPTION Launch a simcoal process, send an email when job finished. Requires a linux machine with sendmail and Mail::Sendmail. Put this script in the same directory where simcoal binary and an example.par file are present. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It seems to be working with my gmail account. I've tried with the university email account, to no avail. Yet another score for the IT people in my university ("Comunicacions UB"). Translating iglubox to en_US The reason I do this is double: (1) To demonstrate that having a LUG website in the local language is not a matter of discrimination. (2) To demonstrate to those that think for other people having a LUG website in the local language is a matter of discrimination, that they are just crazy people that make Jesus child cry and kill an angel in heaven everytime they throw shit on that LUG's people. (*errrrhh*, not really)

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