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The art of giving presentations

Rich Burrigde (Sun): To me, what makes a good presentation is something that is structured. It uses pictures as well as words. It combines the two together well. It doesn't drag. It's not predictable. It progresses. It makes a point. There were some great talks and there were um, some other ones.

Office suites support

Now that my mother has tried "this Linux thing", she is convinced that it works.

I was sitting at her side while she managed to get the spreadsheet migration with an example: writing an invoice. All went smoothly well. But then she asked:

I would like to have the column labels of the invoice printed in each page. I do that with "ecsel" using the "page stuff", but it's not here.

As I have never done that myself, I tried it scanning the menus of oocalc for a couple of minutes, but couldn't find it. Then I went to and searched for "invoice" in the oocalc forum index.

The first thread was: "How to print column labels?"

Wow! I only needed 1 minute to find the answer:

Go to Format > Print Ranges > Edit

...the second row of boxes is "Rows to repeat". Click on the button on the right of these 2 boxes and select the row you want to repeat (e.g. $1 will appear in the box), then click on the same button again to return to the "Edit Print Ranges and click on OK.

Now when you do a Page Preview your first row should be repeated at the top of every sheet.

This is awesome! If you are reluctant to try OpenOffice because of lack of support... well... first you will have to explain me which kind of support do you get from MS Office.

Openoffice customer support* kicks asses!!

*if you want to call it "customer" a zero-cost product

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