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A rough guide to Scientific Computing on the Playstation 3

This is the link.



Howto: Get Network Manager to stop asking you for your keyring password (pam_keyr

Re: Howto: Get Network Manager to stop asking you for your keyring password (pam_keyr

On Feisty its a lot easier to get it working. Here is what I did:

Added the following two lines (here marked as red) in the /etc/pam.d/gdm file:


auth optional try_first_pass

session optional

auth requisite

auth required

@include common-auth

@include common-account

session required

@include common-session

@include common-password
Then go to: System --> Administration --> Synaptec Packagemanager and search for: pam_key

Install the first module you see and voila, you don't have to enter the keyring password after each login



passwordless nm-applet ubuntu feisty


#launch useful stuff for gnome...

#first unlock the default keyring...

echo <YOUR_KEYRING_PASSWORD_HERE> | /usr/lib/libpam-keyring/pam-keyring-tool -u -s

#then run nm-applet in the background...

nm-applet &


China in BBC4's "Edwardians in colour"

Watching Edwardians in colour which delves into Japan and China.

I have this tingle in my fingers while watching scenes from the Forbidden City. The fact that is at the other side of the world, but that I was there not long ago, is special to me.

The documentary is interesting because it focuses on issues like internationalization of the Japanese and Chinese economies and cultures. Something that, in a way, and mostly in China, is still happening today.


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The Rhythm of Life

And The Rhythm Of Life is a powerful beat,

Puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet,

Rhythm in your bedroom,

Rhythm in the street,

Yes, The Rhythm Of Life is a powerful beat


cruz y raya (spanish)


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